Tuesday, October 13, 2015

                      Your Personal Oasis

Everyone can relate to when you have a long stressful day there is something therapeutic about a hot shower or better yet,a warm bath. We shed our worries and burdens as we shed our clothes.
Our liberated feet are soothed as they tread on a heated floor and/or a soft bathroom rug.
 You feel yourself melting into the water. Stretching your legs and leaning back. Listening to some soothing music and maybe enjoying a glass of your favorite vino. You wash all the problems of the day away and give much needed rest to your mind.

It is no wonder that bathrooms, along with kitchens, offer the highest returns when selling a home if updated. This is not only because their utilitarian nature. This is also attributed to the fact that as a kitchen makes nourishing our bodies possible, a well designed bathroom provides nourishment for our souls. The well needed and deserved oasis of tranquility in a crazy rat race world.

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