Saturday, September 26, 2015

New home

                            New Home

There is something exhilarating about walking into a empty room of  your new home or apartment with your paint sample cards in hand. It is like a blank canvas waiting for a brush stroke to be applied.

Then your imagination begins to picture a scene of beautiful furnishings perfectly arranged for aesthetics and traffic flow. You mentally try different configurations and try and imagine the overall feel of each one.

Accents are the final piece of the puzzle. Beautiful artwork that ties in seamlessly with the color scheme, personal pictures that spark fond memories, kick-knacks of all shapes and sizes, throw pillows for the upholstery. It is all in place in your minds eye, now it need to created in your room.

 Time to roll up your sleeves and do the grunt work. Roll the walls, place the furnishings, and hang the pictures and accents. All that is lacking is the final ingredient that turns a dream into reality, sweat and hard work. Not at all glamorous but, every thing that is worth anything requires hard work.  

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