Sunday, September 20, 2015

Making a house into a home

                 Making a house into a home

 The choices in your furnishings and decor can transform a mere house into your home. The furnishings and accents you pick out collectively announce your ownership of your space. It changes a structure of wood, brick, and various building materials into a inviting sanctuary that you long to return to daily.

 We all can reminisce of our childhood where we ran home from school. Of course we were driven to see our families but, additionally there were the familiar scents, colors, and comforting furnishings. Nothing like coming home on a cold, dreary fall day to family, brightly lit rooms, and the aroma of a meal being prepared.

 This whole experience was made possible because our parents had invested time and thought into the decor and furnishings to make that house into a home, in addition to building and nurturing
relationships. Homes are not buildings but places that we take on daily life, share laughter, rest in order to face every new days challenges, and build fond memories that last a lifetime.

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