Sunday, September 20, 2015

Creating a room your child will love

        Creating a room your child will love

I remember my bedroom growing up as a boring place that I did not really hang out in except when it was time for bed. The one piece of furniture I did love was our bunk bed and I am sure my parents loved that they could fit both my brother and I comfortably in our small room and have room for other furnishings.

I think its the novelty of being high off the ground when sleeping up top, or if you were in the bottom bunk, you could easily create a fort by hanging blankets all the way around. I have seen some really cool bunk beds that not only spark those memories but, also make me wish I was a child again. Being a parent myself of a toddler, I am sure I will be living vicariously through my son with this bunk bed.

This bed features are essentially a whole rooms furnishings in one piece. It has a bookcase, shelving, a built-in ladder and a lighted hutch at the desk on the side not pictured. The ladder is also built-in and the upper bunk features a safety rail. I wish I had one of these when I was a kid.

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